Get tired with the winter? Rent a house in Thailand and go to the Chiang Mai flower festival!

I don’t know if there are anyone else who can’t wait until spring comes. But I guess there are. Exactly in February, when winter is almost gone, our souls and bodies thirst for the sun, warm sunny days and vacation. I suggest to make dreams come true, to rent a house in Thailand and go on long-awaited vacation.

If you visit Thailand in the beginning of February, you will participate in wonderful Chiang Mai flower festival. It is held every year in the North of Thailand. Festival starts on first Friday of February and last 3 days. Why exactly Chiang Mai is the place where the festival is held? Chiang Mai is called “rose of the North”. Local people have been grown flowers for years. They are thought to be professionals in growing flowers. Furthermore, Chiang Mai means “a lot of flowers” in translation. Before you rent a house in Thailand, choose the city where you want to stay. You will probably rent a house in Thailand’s north – in Chiang Mai. Also you can stay in Bangkok and then reach Chiang Mai by bus, train or plane.

The main activities of Chiang Mai flower festival are performances, fairs, flower shows, competition of the decorators. All the girls prepare traditional clothes especially for the festival, because during the festival the queen of flowers is chosen.

As you see, it is beautiful colourful spring festival. Rent a house in Thailand in advance if you want to join this event. Haven’t chosen yet where to stay – in a hotel, bungalow or other apartments? Of course it is up to you and your desires. To rent a house in Thailand will be good for a big company of people. If you are two people, then bungalow will be comfortable place to stay. Make the right choice and have “floral” holidays in Chiang Mai.

21 feb 2010