Invoicing software for beginners

I don’t know why I decided to raise this issue, but it should be topical for lots of people. Invoicing software is familiar almost for every business owner. As I have noticed, some people don’t have proper software and experience some difficulties in sending invoices. Earlier I thought that the key of success is in buying invoicing software. Now I understand that you will become totally happy with your business only if you will buy right invoicing software.

This article will be useful for those who want to become the owner of good invoicing software. I will not tell you any names of the software, because there is not one specific invoicing program that is the best for everyone. Every company could have various requirements. That’s why first you should make small analytical work to find out what you need.

There are also some features that need everyone. Invoicing software should provide you a possibility to create list of your customers and products. It helps you to create invoices faster and easier. Check if the software let you add payments to the invoice. It is very convenient when you can open invoice and see if it is paid or not. Some invoicing software also has invoice status, which shows you main information about the invoice in very obvious way. Next necessary feature could be regularly or recurring invoices. You can send regularly invoices when you provide, for example, some services that are the same every month. Imagine that your company is flower wholesaler and every week one small flower shop buys you 100 roses. You can “tell” your invoicing software to create an invoice for that flower shop every week and send it by email.  This is how recurring invoices work. By the way make sure before the purchase that invoicing program is able to send invoice directly to the client’s email.

These are basically main features to pay attention to. If you don’t have specific requirements and it will be enough with basic options, then buy simple invoicing software like one I am using now. You don’t need something complicated, because you will spend extra time on sorting things out. I know by experience that everyday work become unpleasant when things are too complicated.

15 sep 2010