Use invoicing software to invoice your European partners

You already got used to invoice your customers using invoicing software. Of course it’s the most convenient way of managing the invoicing process. What about invoicing your partners from European countries? Since the beginning of the 2011 it is possible to exchange electronic invoices with your partners from European Union member states. Your invoicing software probably provides different currency options.

This innovation reduces your costs, because you don’t need to use postal mail for sending invoices to your partners. So you can send cross-border invoices as simple as domestic via email using your invoicing software. But one thing you need to remember, that legislation concerning electronic invoicing could be different in European countries. The countries, that accept e-invoices and give them the same status as for paper invoices are following: Denmark, United Kingdom, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and The Netherlands. If your business partners are from those countries, you don’t need additional requirements concerning invoicing software. Otherwise, you can find out legislation requirements from your business partners and try to adjust your invoice to them. Your invoicing software will give you an opportunity to modify the invoice, so that it could be accepted in concrete European country. Most probably you will need to sign the invoice with an electronic signature. So be prepared and provide yourself with that.

There are countries, where electronic invoices are almost not acceptable. But anyway you can use your invoicing software to create an invoice. Then you can print it out, sign and send by postal mail. Of course it’s convenient and takes you additional time and money. I wish you to reach all of your partners and customers across the Europe using invoicing software!

10 jun 2010